The proven way to meet the evolving Solvency II reporting requirements

Solvara is a comprehensive, highly functional software application developed specifically to meet current and future regulatory reporting requirements – starting with Solvency II.

More than 80 organisations already trust Solvara to successfully manage their QIS5 reporting submissions. Solvara uses automated, highly flexibly software to manipulate complex data into the designated formats.

Solvara is compliant with existing regulations. Regular updates ensure that insurers are always kept in line with the latest legislation.


  • Agile, automated, proven technology
  • Reduced effort and cost
  • Future proof and cost effective
  • Simple active monitoring
  • Seamless and transparent
  • Highly flexible
  • We are the No.1 provider of standard software for reporting to the regulatory institutions, for example we serve around 95% of insurers in Germany and Austria
  • Our SOLVARA software providing a proven approach to fulfilling Solvency II standard requirements has been successfully implemented by over 80 insurers across Europe