Sopra Steria Benelux at a glance

Leader in Digital Transformation

Sopra Steria Benelux provides you with the power of our global capabilities and the value of our local touch.

At Sopra Steria in the Benelux our 750 employees support the systems, services and processes for our customers in the Public Sector, Banking and Utilities. Our biometric solutions for homeland security are well recognized in the market. Well established as a key partner for the public sector, Sopra Steria Benelux plays an active role in the series of reforms launched to modernise government procedures. We help financial establishments increase their speed, agility, productivity and efficiency. In the Belgian energy market we help distribution and transmission operators to develop their businesses, and we have developed a central messaging platform for all the energy market participants Sopra Steria Benelux has a wealth of experience in understanding the strategy of our customers, designing and building solutions and implementing them, upgrading and maintaining those solutions. We foster a close relationship with our clients and are constantly innovating to ensure that our offerings always respond to the genuine strategic challenges of the moment.

A total solution provider

Thanks to a continuous chain of added value, Sopra Steria oers a comprehensive response to its customers' business challenges and supports them throughout their transformation process: strategic understanding, supervision of transformation programs, creation of new solutions as well as their implementation, evolution and maintenance. The Group works closely with its customers to guarantee the continuing relevance of its innovative oers to their true strategic challenges.

Innovation and technology expertise

Sopra Steria constantly endeavours to provide the best in technology and is equipped to identify innovations that will add value to its customers' businesses and their IT systems. Sopra Steria is recognised worldwide for its expertise in IT architecture, big data, the cloud, collaborative networks, mobility and cyber security, among others.

A sound industrial approach

In a context of globalisation and cost control, the Group applies a sound industrial approach to serve its clients - the Global Delivery Model. Industrialised production methods and processes, combined with shared service centres in France, Spain, Poland and India, allows Sopra Steria to run increasingly large and complex programmes successfully, on time and within budget.