Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to a sustainable, human, and guiding contribution

At Sopra Steria we firmly believe that digital is a source of opportunities and progress for all. Combined to a human dimension, it creates a virtuous circle benefiting society as a whole. Sopra Steria is committed to building a more sustainable world, one where everyone has a role to play.

  • Sustainable, as we adopt a long-term view, whether in our operations or in supporting our customers with their digital transformation. Our approach to a more sustainable world covers all our environmental, social, ethical and community commitments.
  • Human, as we implement projects benefiting digital and social inclusion, and equal opportunities. For several years, we have been committed to the education of young people, the integration of people with disabilities or the career development of women.
  • Guiding, as we anticipate and understand the challenges of digital technology, we strive to better assess their impact on our clients’ and society’s sustainability objectives and advise our clients on the best way forward. We contribute to thought leadership on the impact of digital on society with partners and think tanks. We thus help our clients to meet their own sustainability challenges.


We work with our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and society to deliver sustainable transformations. We aim to have a positive impact on society by making innovation useful and available to the widest range of people in a responsible and ethical way.

Corporate Social Responsibility Benelux

The 4 dimensions of our sustainability commitment

To contribute to a more sustainable world, we continue to innovate in all areas of our business by working in close collaboration with our ecosystem.

  1. Marketplace responsibility and dialogue with stakeholders: through our Corporate Responsibility programme, which is integrated into the Group’s activities, we develop offers and services that are based on fair, ethical practices concerning our employees, our customers, our partners, our suppliers and civil society in general.
  2. Social responsibility: we offer our staff a stimulating and motivating work environment and we promote diversity and equality of opportunity, both of which are sources of progress for the Group and for each of us individually.
  3. Environmental responsibility: we are working to make our organisation and the management of our operations more efficient in terms of carbon footprint and the preservation of resources by involving our entire value chain.
  4. Community engagement: we contribute to the social and digital inclusion of vulnerable groups with partnerships with charities and the support of Sopra Steria volunteers.

Our projects

Sopra Steria Benelux is currently sponsoring eleven Scholars, eight of them are young girls, in their road for a better and brighter future.



India Scholarship Foundation

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Sopra Steria Benelux together with BeeOdiversity helps to protect Belgian bees' breeds, local biodiversity and promote honey production. 




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At Sopra Steira Benelux we are convinced that engaging through music, allows children to express and develop in a richer environment. 



International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

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Sopra Steria Benelux is committed to the right to water, convinced that it represents one of the key challenges facing humanity over the coming decades. 



Join For Water

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Sopra Steria Benelux employees, on a voluntary basis, receive training by Child Focus and contribute to raise awareness via this campaign.



Child Focus: Safe & Fun use of the Internet

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2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

May 25, 2020, 09:29 AM
Title* : 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Building a positive future for all

A corporate responsibility strategy founded on our values, convictions and a high level of commitment across the Group.

At Sopra Steria, we firmly believe that digital technology can create opportunity and progress for all. When closely linked to humanity, it creates a virtuous circle that benefits society as a whole. Sopra Steria has chosen to be a “contributive” company involved in building a sustainable world in which everyone has a part to play.

We see our contribution as sustainable, human and guiding.

Seven key priorities, all directly aligned with the Group’s business model, underpin its corporate responsibility strategy:

  • Benchmark employer
  • Constructive, transparent dialogue with stakeholders
  • Long-lasting partnerships for our clients • Involving the entire value chain in our corporate social responsibility approach
  • Reducing our environmental impact and contributing to a net-zero carbon economy
  • Ethical business conduct
  • Supporting local communities
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