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What can we offer if you join the Sopra Steria team?

We recognize that times are changing, not only because of advances in technology, but also the way in which our clients are changing the rules of business. At Sopra Steria, we know that our success in this changing business world depends on our people, and that engaged, motivated and highly skilled teams, are our biggest asset. That is why we are committed to enabling our people to fulfill their potential whilst feeling supported, empowered, encouraged and inspired. Our vision is to be the digital transformation and services partner of choice across technology, process and analytics. Therefore, we want to create an environment where we are also perceived as an employer of choice – both by our employees and by you as someone looking for a new role.

So, what's on offer?


We acknowledge the hard work and efforts from all our employees, and we feel it is important that everyone, in return, should be entitled to great benefits for such efforts. Sopra Steria offers a wide range of benefits – from a smart transport policy including but not limited to a company car with unlimited Belgian fuel card, to a smartphone subscription plan, full group insurance, and hospitalization, among others. Not to mention all the coffee you want!

Training and development>

An important element to a successful business is not only the employees who make it successful, it is also the ability to allow our employees to develop themselves further as a stronger professional in their field. We offer extensive training courses to maximize your skillset, which widens your abilities to more challenging deliverables and career enhancement

Career progression>

A motivated employee is someone who knows what they put in will be rewarded. Sopra Steria’s unique careers development program allows all employees the ability for achieve career progression, which is detailed in a clear career progression plan set out by your line manager and your proximity manager.

The development of our skills is key to the success of our Group. That is why we are committed to offering our people diverse career paths, according to their expectations and serving our needs, while maintaining a high level of motivation. We recruit the right people, develop all staff to their full potential, expand both individual and team skills and encourage sharing of best practices. These objectives sit at the core of a strong Human Resources (HR) culture that is shared though all the business units and countries and is deeply rooted in our values.

This HR dynamic is based on a close knowledge of each employee. It is guided by a comprehensive career management process. This includes key moments throughout the year allowing the evaluation of skills and performance, as well as one-to-one exchanges about career path and he decisions concerning orientation and progress. We strive to develop and preserve a flexible talent pool, while ensuring the development of key competencies. These are in line both with the market and with our corporate ambitions.

Sopra Steria Academy>

At Sopra Steria we believe that training and capitalizing on our best practices (knowledge management) is critical to the development of the skills we need to support our Group development. It is also key to meeting the expectations of every single employee. The Sopra Steria Academy is fully dedicated to the career growth of each employee, regardless of his or her job stream.

What is the Academy? It is our dedicated training organization though which we integrate, train, and facilitate the sharing of our Group fundamentals and best practices. It offers our people training organized along job streams, as well as training modules designed to develop and reinforce individual or team skills. This training ranges from technical and functional, to managerial and behavioral.

We build ambitious training plans each year, embracing all types of training: internal external e-learning, mentoring, etc. This allows us to create individual training paths throughout an employee’s career with us and in conjunction with their manager. Our intranet portal also provides access to all out Group fundamental in terms of information on our strategy, organization, offers, methodology, business principles and practices. It makes a valuable contribution to the capitalization of know-how within our best practices community.


Sopra Steria Academy

Leader in the Industry>

Our expertise is recognized in the BENELUX market and we pride ourselves as “European leaders in digital transformation”. Our leading client portfolio provides ongoing opportunities for Sopra Steria to deliver unique and award-winning solutions. We are proud to deliver technology and services to some of the most well-known brands across financial services (Banking and Insurance), local, regional and national government including justice, defense (Cyber security), aerospace, pharmaceutical, transport, intellectual property, homeland security and energy. Our participation in several projects for European Union institutions is second to none, as well as our international dimension in terms of clients and delivery.

Find out more about the markets in which we operate, and the range of clients we deliver to.

Our locations>

Sopra Steria has multiple operational open plan offices with lots of opportunity for quiet working and meeting spaces, centrally-located for both public and private transport. We ensure our employees have the facilities for comfortable and environmentally-friendly working conditions.

In a state of the art building, the BENELUX head-office is perfectly situated outside Brussels city-center with a direct access to the Brussels Inner Ring Road and the motorway. The Triomphe building is located close to the Boulevard de la Plaine, many other multinational companies, shops and restaurants, as well as many public transports connection. The facilities include a terrace and garden, showers, bicycle racks, electrical terminals, among others. We also have offices in both Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Sopra Steria's offices are carbon-neutral, with recycling and no waste to land fill. Discover all of Sopra Steria's locations in Europe.

"During my time at Sopra Steria Benelux I got the opportunity to follow Business Analysis courses at the Academy in Paris as well as in Brussels, which have been an enriching experience that adds value to my daily work as a consultant."

Lisa Bodzenta

Change Management Consultant