Sopra Steria is committed to the fight against COVID-19

A new world

For the first time in the 21st century we have experienced a global phenomenon that has brought us all to our knees. We have been shook like never before but this has given us the opportunity to come out stronger as a society. We have had the opportunity to re-evaluate the way we behave, interact, do business, etc., giving way to new opportunities to shape the world. Not coincidentally, our company motto is The world is how we shape it and we have been given the opportunity to shape a new world.

Sopra Steria is committed in the fight against COVID-19 and together with all its stakeholders, is devoted to help others with professional expertise, professionalism and compassion. Digitalisation can help us with the enormous challenges that lie ahead, bring people together and create new services. At the same time, crises require special methods, skills and resources that are not necessarily in the foreground in regular operations. 

Sopra Steria has been supporting companies and authorities in critical moments for decades. We have broad knowledge and expertise in a variety of disciplines and can help you with specific solutions in these special times. Discover our social commitments as well as the concrete solutions proposed by our teams to put digital and new technologies at the service of the fight against the spread of COVID-19. 

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