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Efficient transport of people and goods is essential for economic growth and affects us all in our daily lives, both as individuals and professionals. At Sopra Steria, we work closely with national and international players who are responsible for developing and maintaining an efficient road, rail, air and sea transport infrastructure. The possibilities are endless: the digitalisation of both administrative and business-related processes is essential to channel innovation and increase business value through technology.

What can we contribute?

We work for a cost-effective and sustainable transport sector with smart digital solutions. Today, Sopra Steria provides a unique breadth of consulting and technology services to meet the needs of players in this sector. At Sopra Steria, we have extensive transport- sector expertise. For several years, we have assisted key sector players such as SNCB/NMBS, STIB/MIVB, Infrabel. We work to improve flow and resource optimization, infrastructure and equipment security and the passenger experience.

Digital Enablers:

Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT, Smart cities, Artificial Intelligence.


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