Cod@Casa: A practical solution for citizens to reduce exposure time while shopping

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Amidst the current health crisis affecting most of the world, a once mundane activity such as grocery shopping, has become a source of distress for many citizens. Government imposed lockdowns and other safety measures, such as a restriction on the amount of people entering shops, means more planning and thought needs to be devoted to this necessary activity.

Uncertainty about the future return to normal activities demands active solutions for some of the most critical sectors in our economy. Sopra Steria is committed to use its resources to find solutions for the challenges we are facing now and that lie ahead.

Concretely, we have developed a cloud based solution thought to handle the reservation of time slots, for grocery shop entry, electronically.

Upon arrival, a shop assistant will verify the reservation thanks to COD@CASA solution, allowing the Check In. Once the shopping is completed, the shop assistant will record the Check Out, in order to allow the next customer entrance. In any case, a missing exit recording or a missing next reservation entrance will update the reservation system automatically. The purpose is to avoid empty reservations and no shows and ensure the proper flow of customers into the establishments.

COD@CASA’s objective is to reach all citizens, also those that are less technology savvy. People unable to make a reservation via Internet or their smartphone application can contact a dedicated phone number and receive  confirmation on the time slot and the reservation number directly.

As a business owner, government imposed health measures and citizens genuine fear might be affecting sales and cash flow to a considerable degree. With more people opting for online shopping and delivery straight to their door, to avoid exposure in public places, merchants need to provide clients with innovative solutions to remain attractive. With COD@CASA, retailers will be able to reassure their customers by having complete control of the flow of people coming in and out of the shop at any given time. The application has a low entry threshold and guarantees a moment to moment overview of their facilities.


Cod@Casa: An Innovative Solution

  • Shopping in normal circumstances does not require planning, today it does. As a shopping need arises, customers can check in real time the immediate availability.
  • COD@CASA allows people to conveniently book a shopping time slot from the comfort of their home (via internet or smartphone application).
  • As a result, people can avoid long queues and conglomerations outside the shop. No more uncertainty and wasted time.
  • Once the time slot is reserved, a confirmation e-mail is sent containing
    • selected location
    • selected time
    • reservation number/QR Code

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Cod@Casa: A practical solution for citizens to reduce exposure time while shopping