Future of SAP S4HANA in Public Sector

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Sopra Steria has many years of experience in public sector assignments and are fathroughout the project towards S/4HANA, from strategy development to continuous optimization following successful implementation, and attach great importance to a realistic and neutral perspective on feasibility, risk minimization, costs and benefits, so that you can achieve your objectives in a sustainable manner.

How can Sopra Steria help or assist you ?

Many users of SAP’s Business Suite are currently wondering about the transition to S/4HANA, such as:

  • At what changes and costs will I be faced?
  • In realistic terms, what advantages will this transition to S/4 HANA bring me?
  • What is the preferable option to between greenfield and brownfield?
  • How do I proceed to migrate without business interruption and to ensure proper integration into the existant application landscape?
  • What are the key success factors of a transfer project and how can I minimize the risks of such projets ?

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Future of SAP S4HANA in Public Sector