Delivering Edelia’s Digital Transformation Roadmap

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Edelia is a specialist provider of innovative digital energy solutions in France. A subsidiary of EDF, Edelia is pioneering the SmartHome services market, delivering a range of solutions that reduce energy usage, save time, money and resources.

The challenge

Edelia wanted to migrate its existing energy platform into a fully digitised solution, E.Quilibre, so it could offer a more streamlined and real-time solution to its extensive customer base. Edelia had ambitions to extend the current platform’s functionality to collect enhanced information about the energy consumption of a broad range of equipment within the household. It also wanted to be able to provide precise and personalised analysis via an ‘energy coach’ to advise consumers on reducing energy consumption and bills.

The solution

Our consulting team drew on its significant digital transformation and data analytics skills, as well as its software technology expertise, to define a digital roadmap for the new E.delia platform. A team of 30 experts worked across 3 sites in France to design, test and launch the new platform, building in best practice experience design principles to ensure a compelling customer experience. E/Quilibre went live in 2015 and by the end of the year had more than 500,000 customers.

The results

With our help, Edelia was able to benefit from:

  • A fully digitised, high performing smart home energy platform
  • A flexible, scalable and high performing solution, able to compete with market leaders
  • Accelerated time to market
  • An innovative design that’s intuitive to use