Dutch railway and transportation company NS opts for SAP BRIM

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NS is facing the challenge of dynamically getting new propositions like NS Flex, traveling on account for consumers, to market while also getting a financial backbone that is manageable and controllable. NS opted for SAP BRIM as a solution because it comes with a reduction of the landscape's complexity and a flexible solution for the launch of new propositions.

First, business processes were outlined and translated into IT blueprints and architecture. This was accomplished through a phased approach: putting parts of the functionality live and extending them. Sopra Steria took care of the SAP BRIM expertise and the IT project management. At first, there was a ‘waterfall’ approach that was changed to the scrum project approach along the way, taking into account the other IT and business departments that were also implementing their changes.    

After building for four months a foundation was laid, and shortly after, the first live run of the eCommerce sales flow and NS Flex pilot was started. After this, there was a monthly extension to business sales streams, counter/machines, and international travel. 

SAP views the solution as the standard method of implementing SAP BRIM components. 

The Nova Project gives NS a state-of-the-art invoicing platform, allowing us to get more propositions to market, invoice faultlessly and work efficiently in general. Great result! This is a giant leap forward for the cooperation of the sales, IT, and finance departments. A program of which we can be proud!