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Innovation and transformation at the heart of Sopra Steria

Digital transformation is not a state. It is, by definition, a transition, the means and the objectives evolve with new technologies and new services available on the market. It is by taking the measure of innovation that Sopra Steria enables its customers to go further than their competitors. 

DigiLabs are spaces that demonstrate Sopra Steria's expertise in terms of innovation. Nearly 70 prototypes or projects have been presented around technologies such as that augmented reality, mobility,new interfaces, connected objects, artificial and collective intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, cyber security, Smart Cities...

Sopra Steria has 23 DigiLabs in 12 countries in whose you can experience different areas dedicated to sharing, ideation and achievement of your projects.

What do we contribute?

We work closely with our clients to identify and prioritise their main opportunities for innovation. We then put in place practical steps to realise their new reality in meaningful ways through the innovative use of digital technologies. With this approach, we’re able to solve problems in new and exciting ways.



DigiLab 2Show

A Place to Discover Innovation in all Sectors.

DigiLab2Show aims to showcase our innovative achievements to our customers and collaborators. It is a space for demonstrating both, technologies and real-life use cases that applied to various business lines. DigiLab2Show is a source of inspiration for experiences across all business areas. 

DigiLab 2Think

Supporting Creative Thinking.

An ideation space that combines innovative methods (co-design, design thinking, etc.) and tools with the goal of producing new ideas for products, services and tools.  

Inspired by the DigiLab2Show experience, guests can apply technologies and digital uses to a concrete point. This is the point of entry to our Group's pragmatic approach. Indeed, the transformation is addressed by building on real-life business use cases of proven value and which could be repeated.

DigiLab 2Make

Bringing Life to your Projects.

A space to realize the projects & experiments imagined during this journey. DigiLab2Make will enable Sopra Steria's teams and customers to be housed in an environment allowing achievements by providing access to the hardware and software required to demonstrate the value of the use cases. It is also a place for sharing and prototyping to experiment technologies and understand their limits and most valuable uses. 

NEXT - Event Series

At Sopra Steria we understand that the rapid emergence of digital technologies can be overwhelming and represent major challenges at all levels in your organisation.  We would like to show you what is coming out on the market and how it can benefit you via a series of digital technologies seminars and demos in inspiring locations. We will highlight how digital technology is applied and what it can do to improve your business.

What can you expect from these sessions?

  1. Through presentations and demos, learn about the digital technologies and tools that we use.
  2. Understand concrete digital application that can be tailored to your business.
  3. Network amongst your peers and our digital experts.

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