Create trust in a hyper-connected world

Strength Through Serenity

Serenity emerges not from the absence of challenges but from the strength to face them with calm. At Sopra Steria, our cyber practice guides digital transformations with a steady hand and creates an atmosphere of dependability. 

Drawing from our European roots, we compose robust digital environments for essential industries, ensuring their operations run smoothly. 

It’s our commitment to a future where technology enhances resilience, by driving progress with conviction. With the confidence of more than 3,000 security experts. 

With innovation at our core, we cultivate a serene mindset amidst the chaos, we ensure the calm in the cyber storm. From mind to system, from the inside out, defences should be here to stay. 

Master your Acceleration
We know you need to go fast to implement your cyber solutions. So do we.
But it's worth it to take the time to control your cyber speed. So that everything is secure, well defined, well protected. Enabling you to embrace the pace of technological advancement confidently.
Don't trust, validate your resilience
That's our guarantee: we don't make assumptions, we test. To make sure that your infrastructures are built to be cutting-edge, that your authentication, authorization, and encryption standards stand strong. Because we should operate in a digital environment where trust is earned, not assumed.
Cyber-sovereignty: we stand together
More than ever, fighting for our digital sovereignty has become critical. By building cohesive ecosystems that respect and protect nations and corporations alike across Europe. It's a call for shared responsibility, ensuring that the digital space remains free, secure, and sovereign for all.

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